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Raine 0.64.4 !
Tsss, I release 0.64.3 without finding how the "level skipper" of bublredux works, but I guess it's ok, how such a thing could break ?
Then Stephh explains it works by using p1+p2 together and of course it breaks !
Well the most reasonable solution would have been to just ignore it, the same thing can be done with a cheat in raine...
But I hate these small things when they don't want to work !
So I spent a lot of time on it, it was yet another instruction missing from our beloved mz80 (prefix ed opcode 6b for the technical users). I don't kinow why the guys of bublredux programmed it this way, it could have been done with the standard instructions and it wouldn't have crashed in this case.
Anyway I added the missing instruction and so here is an update with just this thing working.
While I was at it, I updated the bublredux romset from the latest version in the forum thread (january 2015). It doesn't change anything related to this problem. That's all ! :)

(I don't think anybody except me disassemble z80 code in the console but if it's the case the console now uses dz80 v2.0 and not the latest unofficial version, which has some serious bugs sometimes. v2.0 works much better, I'll probably put a link to the binary in the downloads later, but you can find it on the web anyway, it's the unmodified v2.0).
Posted by Tux on Mar 28 2015, 10:51 am | 9 comments | Write Comment

Raine 0.64.3 : special bubble bobble !
I didn't know about the 2 new clones of bubble bobble released in 2013, so I just added them, cleaned up a lot of things in the bubble bobble driver (automatic rom loading, no more bad sounds), added the hiscores for bubble cave and buubble redux to the hiscore.dat (find it in the extras part of the download section). I also added dream land, another clone from 1987, much easier to add now that the driver supports automatic rom loading.

Except that quite a few small fixes as usual, the biggest one was probably that the cold boot function (f1 key) was broken in quite a few drivers, it should be fixed now, except that some region selection didn't work anymore, renamed a few games to keep hiscore.dat compatibility (the good thing with raine is that the old name is still supported on the command line), hiscores were broken for games using a z80 as their main cpu and which were using automatic rom bankswitch (bubble bobble for example !), there is another zoom fix for neocd/neogeo, a stupid bug was fixed in neocd when reloading the same game, the audio banks are now correctly restored when loading a neogeo/neocd savegame, and wakuwaku7 sound associations are adapted to support the audio tracks from the saturn version.

There was a 2 months break because I tried some risky changes which were more complex than planned and extremely boring, so I had to stop everything for a long while. I don't know if I will finish them or not, time will tell, but the essential part with raine is to have fun, while programming it and while playing with it, and these changes are no fun at all... ! Anyway sorry for the delay, and the chaotic releases for version 0.64, but here is an update at last !

By the way, bubble cave has an official site here : https://lostcave.wordpress.com/download/
Posted by Tux on Mar 26 2015, 03:51 pm | 8 comments | Write Comment

Buble boble news
I hadn't noticed there are 2 new clones from 2013 for buble boble, bublcave and bublredux.
You can get details there : https://lostcave.wordpress.com/download/
and for redux, the 21 pages of its development are there : http://forum.arcadeotaku.com/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5154

I added both of course, and cleaned up lot of things in the bublbobl driver in the process...
Posted by Tux on Mar 25 2015, 02:25 am | 0 comments | Write Comment

Raine 0.64.2
A small release to finish with all the bug fixes :
 - the return key didn't work anymore in the game selection dialog, fixed and commented, it won't happen again.
 - the blend options dialog is better and has an immediate effect, no need to reset/reload the game anymore.
 - prevent the console from growing all the time once it has its scrollbar !

that should be enough bug fixes for quite a while !
Posted by Tux on Jan 07 2015, 10:11 am | 21 comments | Write Comment

Raine 0.64.1
That's the scary thing about versions which end in .0, they always contain new bugs !
Anyway this time I really didn't test enough...
So the fixes are :
 - raine was exiting if changing the region or reseting a game which was using bld files
 - since bld files are incompatible with neocd, bld files for neocd are now read from blend/neocd and there is no file there for now.
 - There was a problem with the fadeout effect in the associations of wakuwaku7
 - I broke some timers while adding cz80 in 0.64.0, which created some hard to find bug in lots of games, including some neogeo games...
 - There is now a "bld files options" dialog which allows to change the transparency values you want, it's in video options and the values are saved.
 - I changed the way the audio banking is saved for neogeo, so if you have some neogeo savegames they might not appreciate, sorry for that but it's better now (it won't crash, but maybe the sound will be distorted when reloading the savegame).
 - there is some experimental code to draw an opaque hud in opengl, well you'd better not use it, it's slow, but I keep it anyway for now (transparent hud is much faster).
 - also when using sound associations, they were not correctly stopped when loading another game, thanks to another fix for mixed mode games recently.

That's all for now ! :)
Ah the bld files are not in the raine 7z archive anymore, you can get them from the Extras section of the download area.
Posted by Tux on Jan 04 2015, 09:44 pm | 6 comments | Write Comment

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