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Raine 0.63.10 !
Ok, this is the big "bug fix release" for 0.63, and since 0.63 was a merge between neogeo and neocd to begin with, plus there were lots of small and fast releases, it had everything to get a lot of bugs !

The primary goal of this one was to rewrite the dma and the uploads handling so that it passes the test mode of the neocdz bios and the neocd debug bios. It was not really easy, and since it's a core functionality of neocd it was quite dangerous, but it should work everywhere now. You still can't test the debug bios test mode because you need to compile your own raine for that, it needs a special define to boot the bios for now.

For the bugs fixed, there was a lot of them, the more noticeable ones :
 - the neogeo games couldn't re-read their memory card and so they were just formating it everytime the game was run ! (big shame for this one !)
 - some neocd games like "magical drop 2" don't seem to know how to format their memory card, trying to save without having first initialized the memory card in the bios just produces a black screen. So now raine tries to pre-initialize the card, maybe it doesn't work for all neocd games, but it works at least for magical drop 2.
 - almost all the games using the raster interrupt didn't use it correctly since october 2013, and a "fix" for ghostlop (neogeo prototype). This fix broke almost all the other games which used this razster interrupt ! It's good now.
 - fix a crash in some neogeo games related to unmapped memory. In magical drop 2 it produced a crash when it asks to save data, just after entering a name for the scores. It was a really special one.
 - No more delay while playing an audio track. This should ease things for those who had some "hicups" when loading a new audio track.
 - Also I missed the default animation of the old bioses in the previous releases, it's now fixed, check it out if you don't know it, it's not bad !

Except the bugs it also now supports the universe bios 3.1, put this in your neogeo.zip to get it. And neocd now supports Spain and Brazil regions, but these work for a very few games only, so if you get problems while trying one of these, return to a more standard region.

I think it's all the major changes, get a look at the git changes if you wish, but they are not easy to read this time because there were lots of commits for some low level stuff.
Posted by Tux on Jul 24 2014, 12:19 am | 14 comments | Write Comment

Raine 0.63.9
Yet another small update, entierly for neocd this time :
 - the main change is that it now supports the front loading and the top loading bioses, which are older bioses than the usual neocdz bios. Not strictly necessary, I added this out of curiosity after a request on the forum...
 - Also finally fixed a bug which lasted very long, 1 year ago was the 1st attempt at fixing it with strange grey squares in last blade 2. Finally all this was caused by the data from logo.prg which was not correctly cleared. It fixes the same kind of glitch this time for real bout fatal fury, but this should be the last time now that the real cause has finally been found.
 - also it fixes some possible crash when using custom controls with autofire for a game.
Posted by Tux on Jul 12 2014, 10:29 pm | 12 comments | Write Comment

raine 0.63.8
Just a small maintenance release :
 - fixed the region selection in kuri kinton
 - fixed some bugs when switching between neocd and neogeo in the same session
 - small modifications to the gui, mainly about the game selection dialog
That's all, as usual linux binary a little later, because I have to build it on another computer...
Posted by Tux on Jun 28 2014, 10:56 am | 2 comments | Write Comment

Raine 0.63.7
The test of yesterday turned bad, here is the fix for the sound associations in the kof serie.
Posted by Tux on Jun 17 2014, 07:13 am | 16 comments | Write Comment

Raine 0.63.6
Mainly based on the sound commands this time, it adds support for this to quite a lot of neogeo games. Notice that it's a way to listen to the games music without any sound effects also, even without replacing the musics with external tracks.
There is something experimental in the handling of the musics for the kof serie, needs to be tested, but it should be ok. See the forum if you are interested in the test, but it's useful only when using external music tracks.
Except that, fixed a crash in the game selection dialog (quite tricky to reproduce actually, I doubt anyone except me ever had it), and cue files passed on the command line are now recognized.
Posted by Tux on Jun 16 2014, 08:52 am | 7 comments | Write Comment

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