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Archive.org makes a present...
Lots of archives, including the 42 Gb of the mame 151 roms.
Since raine is compatible with a lot of these roms, you can go there. There is also a big tosec collection...
Announcement there

... and registration is enabled again... for now, but I doubt it will last... indeed, a dirty spam was posted in the 4 hours that followed, bye bye registration !
Posted by Tux on Dec 28 2013, 12:55 pm | 0 comments | Write Comment

New osx version
I had a fight with a hackintosh for more than a week, and here is the result, a new osx binary, tested on snow leopard and mountain lion. For some reason it seems impossible to compile it with mountain lion (it emits an error which makes no sense about pie code, except that this is supposed to be specific to 64 bit code, and this is a 32 bit program !). Anyway when the binary is built in snow leopard it can work also in mountain lion (and probably mavericks), so here it is (read also the release notes on this page).

On a side note : registrations are disabled again because of spammers, I can't spend my time deleting their stupidities, so registrations are closed until I find the motivation to look for a tool efficient enough to make them go to hell !
Posted by Tux on Dec 25 2013, 10:25 pm | 3 comments | Write Comment

Raine 0.63.4
Just a fix for the autofire, and the new sound associations work better with most neogeo games.
You have now the option to display the song being played when "sound commands" are supported, the option must be enabled before the start of a song to work, and it's better with an opaque text of course.
Not all of the neogeo games are supported, but a lot of them are recognized, including garou and the kof games. I might add those which are not recognized yet later !

(no update needed for the dos version, it has its own autofire and doesn't know about the sound commands !).

EDIT : there was a bug for neocd where cue files were hidden. Since it was a very stupid bug, I just re-uploaded the binary, it's now called rainew-0.63.4-2.7z and the download page is updated !
Posted by Tux on Nov 25 2013, 02:35 pm | 30 comments | Write Comment

Raine 0.63.3
Ok, here is 0.63.3. The news for this time :
 - a new dos version ! The last one was some time 3 years ago, so it's quite an event... ! It lacks a lot of features from the latest windows or linux version, but it works. You can read about its limitations in this thread. If someone is really serious about using it though, it would really badly need some update at the code level, at least adding a few buttons to make some of the new features usable, but I won't do it because I can't even reasonably use this version now... !
 - The ability to play some external music file instead of a normal music command. For now it's limited only to the neogeo and to the gunbird driver. When you have loaded a game which supports this, the option "sound commands" becomes available in the "sound options" menu. From there you can test the musics, until you find the one you want to replace. If you don't select any audio file to replace it, it will just be intercepted and replaced by silence. Associations made this way are saved automatically in games.cfg. Formats supported include wav, mp3, ogg, flac, and probably all the old mod formats in existence if you have such files (it's from modplug...). A word of warning : of course I was unable to test all the neogeo games, it would require too much time. The bad news about this is that it can't be done with a magical function which would adapt to all the drivers out there, it must be adapted to each driver. Luckily most of the neogeo games seem to use the same rules for the music so it should work for a lot of games, maybe all of them if I am lucky, report any problem if you have some !

Except that, added the "keep ratio" option to the video renderer options, it's mainly for those with a crt screen and a mode with a broken aspect ratio and who know what they are doing. Some bugs in pirates, operation bear, final blow and pulirula. A lot of small bug fixes, look in the git log if you are curious. Oh yes, also the console crashed very easily in windows, but I couldn't know about this since I almost never use windows. Since I know some people used it, it's a wonder nobody took the time to report this in all this time, but anyway, it's fixed too now, thanks mer-curious... !
A small word about sdl2 : making raine compatible with it would require too much work for now, so it will have to wait.
And it will probably be the last version before quite some time, because I'll be probably busy elsewhere soon...

EDIT : rainew-0.63.4-4.7z now, the 4th update for this version, with all the time small improvements to sound associations, read this thread for the details...
Posted by Tux on Nov 23 2013, 10:33 pm | 70 comments | Write Comment

Raine 0.63.2
Nothing special about this one, a few small fixes, and all the neogeo games except the mahjong games, the quizz, and some bootlegs. Post to the forum if you find some bootlegs would need to be included here.
Also some fixes for popbounc and magdrop2, see the forum for that.
Actually it's a last release, as stable as possible, before trying to switch to sdl2 and break everything !
Posted by Tux on Nov 02 2013, 03:32 pm | 8 comments | Write Comment

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