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Morrowind... !
This has nothing to do with raine, but since I reinstalled morrowind lately and fixed a few plugins while doing so, and since I am too lazy to try to upload them to some big site somewhere (planetelderscrolls stopped its morrowind section apparently, but there is now Morrowind modding history to try to compensate, not sure they have everything, but they have a lot of things. Anyway my fixes are there !
Posted by Tux on Dec 01 2014, 03:32 pm | 0 comments | Write Comment

Raine 0.63.16 !
Got some serious testing on 0.63.15, emufrance found a bug in samsho3 which was there since jully ! So here is the fix.
Also mer-curious found some bugs in the sound associations for wakuwaku7, and some bugs in the gui !
Bug fixes only this time !
Posted by Tux on Nov 23 2014, 06:31 pm | 2 comments | Write Comment

Raine 0.63.15
Sorry some bugs to fix in this one again, there was a last bug with the very badly supported format where audio tracks are merged with the data track for neocd (only for games having a lot of files in their iso, like ssrpg), and a bug in sound associations which deleted them before saving them !
Except that I added what I wanted to add in the previous version, the ability to save inputs to some user configuration, and then load them either from one of these configurations or to get them from another game. For that to work, I had to change the way inputs are saved, which means that if you had some custom inputs saved, they will be reseted to the default inputs for this version. The good news is that it will be much faster to change them now if you have a few games to change.

Also I removed all the data files from the binary package to keep it small, so if you want to use hiscore.dat, history.dat, or command.dat, you can find them either in the Extras section, or from another site on the internet.

I just uploaded the debian package, the news is that the data files are now separate, I have put them in the "Recommands" section of raine, but most package managers just silently ignore recommended packages, so you can install manually history-raine, hiscore-raine, and command-raine (and m68kdis if you interested about 680x0 disassembling in the console !). The idea is to install these packages only once, they shouldn't be updated often at all.
Posted by Tux on Nov 22 2014, 07:45 am | 6 comments | Write Comment

Raine 0.63.14 !
Well maybe I released 0.63.13 too fast, there were quite a few problems with it, so here is just an improved version :
 - better command.dat support, and a merged version is included in the zip of the windows binary (2012 longhand version + missing games from the official version). By the way the 2012 version of command.dat is here : http://www.emulab.it/forum/index.php?topic=799.0. There was also an unofficial version at a time, but the site has disappeared... !
 - better cue support : when the data track has been renamed without editing the cue file to correct the filename (and it seems to happen quite a lot), raine tries now to find the correct name by using the cue base name + the extension found inside the cue file. Usually all the files are renamed with the same name, only the extensions are preserved, so it should work most of the time and allow to use these rips without editing the cue file at all.
 - better sound associations : a side effect in last version prevented them to work for all neogeo/neocd games !
 - And lots of minor fixes, crashes fixes and so on... !
Posted by Tux on Nov 09 2014, 09:08 pm | 7 comments | Write Comment

Raine 0.63.13
A fun new version, made quickly despirte the long delay since the last one :
 - support for command.dat from this site : http://home.comcast.net/~plotor/command.html. Just unzip the command.dat you choose in the raine directory. Notice that the shorthand version has more games inside, and that it's not only about fighting games, see the game list for info. I didn't translate all the commands yet, but most of them, I need a break from all these drawings for now. But the idea of this command.dat is good ! The command "Show special moves" appears below "About..." in the main menu when a loaded game is supported in command.dat.
 - fixes for neocd dumps which have the audio tracks merged with the data track in the same file, this includes the ccd dumps as long as they have a cue file (tosec seems to think about using this instead of the good old iso+wav, talk about how to make something less usefull... !).
 - sound associations work for wakuwaku7
 - you can pass an ipl.txt file on the command line to launch a mounted neocd game (I forgot that).
 - when running a new neocd game the default config is taken from the last played neocd game, especially for the region.

Also this binary is built for pentium 3, it's a minimum now, but I am cautious about this because it can trigger new gcc bugs. I found an obvious bug when using pentium4, but pentium3 seems ok. So I'll try it with this release and we'll see how it works... Don't expect a big acceleration for the emulation because it won't change much with all the assembler inside, but loading some very big games could be a little faster.
Source on git as usual, and linux binary released, with the longhand version of the default command.dat inside.
Posted by Tux on Nov 07 2014, 11:47 pm | 4 comments | Write Comment

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